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Ordinarily Ordinal

The emerging conjecture here is that the odd numbers are so called because they are liminal and not formal. They are transformative stages along the ordinal narrative, neither here nor there. In the Tarot , 0 represents the Fool, the beginning and end of the Major Arcana. The Fool’s journey

In The First Few Chapters Of Chaos

In the first few chapters of Chaos, author James Gleick provides the brief and recent history of what he and other physicists have dubbed ”the new science”. Chaos is a branch of physics that has been developing since the time computers were introduced into the scientific laboratory. As computers became

Ebb and Flow

I’m reading an article in a 2009 issue of The Sun about Paul Krassner, a person whose name is tantamount to the countercultural movement of the 1960s in the United States.  Humorist, writer, editor, satirist, social critic, child violin prodigy—Krassner is the person who encouraged Lenny Bruce to do stand-up,

Infinity and Idleness

Sometimes when I have my camera in hand, I will run across utilitarian objects in a state of rest.  These objects are intended and named for specific purposes—salt shaker, guardrail, air hose—but when I find them, those purposes are not being served.  What results are images in which the viewer

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